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I tried 30mg for a month, then 50mg for another month, then 60mg for a third month. Each increase seems to help a bit more. I definitely notice a loss of appetite. I find I can eat smaller and more often to fix this, but I have to tell myself to eat or I’ll forget. Also, insomnia is a problem if I don’t take it early enough. If I want to be asleep by midnight, I have to take it by 8:00 am. If I drink coffee with it, I get a bit of a buzz as though I’m excited or anxious. Also with coffee, I experience feelings of euphoria and I kind of am in love with everyone. Not lust…just love. I’ll drink decaf I think.

I have been increasing the dosage because I am only noticing some increase in focus. People tell me that I still talk a lot, and loud, and fast. I’m going to try more effort on the organizational side of things to see if the combo works for me.