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Re: WE ARE ON PBS!!! THIS WEEKEND!!!2012-08-31T17:46:54+00:00

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I kindof got an attitude because the only way to get any of these new video’s, at least for a bunch of months anyway. Is to donate to a PBS station. PBS is one of the only channels I actually pay attention to. The main reason I have cable at all. So it makes sense to get the new stuff from them.

Sometimes I think about actually writing a thank you letter to Rick; I’m pretty sure he’s the person who got this whole totallyadd.com etc. multi project thing going. And Ava of course. The driving force behind any good man is his partner IMHO. I hope to find my own lady love soon.

For now I’ll just say Thank You to the entire totallyadd crew. And keep trying to contribute in a positive way to this site. As well as improving my participation in the world. Making it a better place in ways only I can do. We all have that unique ability. It’s the recover from all the ADHD related problems I work on because of this site that make my contribution possible.

It’s a pay it foreword kind of thing, huh?

Peace you guys. Keep up the good work ukay?

P.S. Here’s some entertainment I’ve been listening to while surfin around here n bee boppin around my apartment.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdkl4s6uVWg&feature=related It’s an hour’s worth of why Jimi Hendrix is still my favorite musician of all time… Enjoy!