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Hi Jim (come on, no one else was going to say it?)

Like you and many other people our age, ADHD was not considered as a diagnosis until we were already “young adults.” At that time it was thought that kids “out grew” it and so it would be many more years and many mis-diagnoses from well-meaning doctors until ADHD is discovered.

Getting the right doctor is key. As I mentioned before, I had seen quite a few doctors about the mess my mind was in, but until we thought to see a specialist, the diagnosis remained hidden.

With the right diagnosis, you can get proper treatment. And the bad news is that there is no magic pill. There are medicines that will help you cope a little better, make better decisions, stay a little calmer, but in the long run, you still have to make the effort to work around what has been getting in your way your entire life. To put it another way, getting glasses will help you make out the letters, but they can’t teach you to read.

There are a lot of good videos on this site that go beyond what you’ve already seen. I think you will find them as useful and enlightening as I have.