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Re: Well, that was disappointing (my “doctor's” visit)

Re: Well, that was disappointing (my “doctor's” visit)2012-02-23T20:30:13+00:00

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Thanks so much for your support, advice and help ya’ll!!! I really do appreciate it. I feel so much better getting support here after my disappointment yesterday. Also, it helps not to feel like I’m crazy for feeling so disappointed!

My medicare plan through BCBS restricts what doctors I can see, and there were only two preferred providers to choose from in the book. I think at this point I would be willing to pay extra to see someone that can really give me an assessment for this! I mean, I payed $40 for yesterday, and didn’t feel like I got much accomplished, other than maybe getting a counselor I can speak to, and hopefully that will work out (the nurse did say the counselor specializes in “children with ADD, so she has a lot of knowledge”).

I don’t really know anyone around here well enough to go in with me and advocate for me, unless it was maybe my boss, who is kind of like a surrogate mother for me, lol. (Have I told ya’ll my nickname at work is Squirrel?) And she would go with me, I’m pretty sure, so maybe that is an option. Just today she held my hands and looked me in the eyeballs mothered me about another situation, lol.

We’ll see. I’ll keep trying, through all the frustration. Just hearing ya’ll advocate for me here and support me has really helped.