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Re: Well, that was disappointing (my “doctor's” visit)

Re: Well, that was disappointing (my “doctor's” visit)2012-02-29T23:45:12+00:00

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So…..in further disappointment.

I was supposed to see the therapist today. Two hours before my appointment, just as I was getting undressed to take a shower, my phone rang and it was someone from the psychiatrist/nurse/therapist/etc.’s office. I prayed to myself “Please don’t let them be calling to cancel my appointment.” But sure enough, that’s what happened. They realized that BCBS Medicare doesn’t allow me to see their therapist. I have to see an LSW (liscensed social worker) instead. So, they cancelled the appt. with the therapist and scheduled me an appointment with their LSW for March 8th. Another week.

While I had whoever/receptionist on the phone, I explained that I was interested in medication, so I wanted to see whoever I needed to see and be assessed or take whatever steps I needed to take to look into that. The woman asked, “Did you tell (the nurse you saw last week) that?” I don’t remember what I answered, but she put me off, telling me that “if” I want to look at medicine, then I can make an appointment with (the nurse I already saw last week – um, what’s the point?) after I meet with the LSW.

Yeah, that’s the same nurse that was already in gear to put me back on another anti-depressant. Why?? I’ve already said it doesn’t help!! No thank you.

I feel like giving up on this place, and trying again somewhere else. But I will have to pay out the wha-zoo, and what if the same thing happens? What if I fail again (apparently, I failed) at communicating why I’m there?

I go in with an agenda, but, then, of course, they have their procedure, and their own line of questioning, and it just puts me off track of my objective.

I keep re-assessing, trying to figure out how I got put off onto a therapist/counselor/liscensed social worker with a diagnosis of “Mood

Disorder NOS,” no follow-up appoitments with a doctor, no follow-up assessments, and no medication.

I know that I iterated that I was “fine” without the anti-depressants and mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics I had been on before, but what I meant by “fine” was “not bipolar.” Not “hunky dory” fine.


So dejected.

I’ve already paid this place $40