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Patte Rosebank
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Actually, Wellbutrin is an antidepressant, not a stimulant. It has also been found to be quite effective for treating ADHD in some patients…and as a stop-smoking aid. The trouble with mental and mood disorders is that you have to find the right med(s) through trial-and-error. Unlike a broken leg, where the treatment is always to re-set and brace the bones so they knit together properly.

I know it sounds like a contradiction to treat ADHD with a stimulant, the fact is that all of our hyperactive behaviours are an attempt to use physical activity to stimulate the right pre-frontal cortex of our brains (which is the part that isn’t functioning properly in people with ADHD). The meds for ADHD target that specific part of the brain and, essentially, wake it up chemically so it is functioning properly.

Stimulants can increase heart rate & blood pressure, especially when you’re just starting on them, or getting used to a higher dose of them. So check your blood pressure every couple of days—even if it’s just on the big machine at your local pharmacy. Keep a record of the readings, and of how you feel at a particular dosage of the drug.

Also note any external factors that could be affecting your mood, thoughts, and blood pressure. This journal will help you and your doctor find the right med(s) and the right dose(s) for you.

Of course, if you experience severe high blood pressure or a pounding in your chest, get to Emergency right away!