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Patte Rosebank
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While I can understand the concern about not taking meds if you’re a diver, the more important question is, isn’t it more dangerous NOT to take the meds that can make you function properly by improving your judgement and your ability to focus? I mean, does the “no meds” rule apply to someone with a thyroid condition, who needs meds to fix it? Or to a diabetic, who needs Metformin to regulate their blood sugar?

By simply saying, “No meds allowed at all”, your employer is also encouraging a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which could, ultimately, be far more dangerous than allowing employees to take the medications which their doctors have determined are necessary in order for the employees to function properly.

By extension, that employer could also be deemed to be discriminating on the grounds of disability, since anyone who requires medication for their depression, or bipolar, or diabetes would be ineligible for employment. Unless your employer could absolutely prove that “no meds” was an essential condition of employment (very difficult to prove), they could be on very shaky legal ground.