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Its not the employer – its the guidelines for our dive medical. So its heath canada I guess. The docs have strict guidelines they have to follow. I agree with you – but it has to do with the effects underwater – many diabetics can not dive (commercially) either. Things are changing – but very slowly. Oddly enough – in my deep water testing (where everyone else sees how much worse they do at depth as opposed to sea level) I do better – its so funny my instructers (both recreational & comm.) retested me a couple times to prove it. My “at depth” speed is better than at sea level… I would love to see how I would do on meds – but am not sure I want to cut out my scuba – I really enjoy it. Somehow things work better underh2o – its both physical & mental & fluid (yaya – water is fluid ) and theres no talking – only action/reaction.I guess it is almost medatative.