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Re: What do you say to your colleagues at work?

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Unlike Distracted, I started thinking that ADHD may have been more of a benefit . . . and I think it has caused me to lead a more interesting life. However, as I learn more, I believe that ADHD has had a huge negative impact in several important areas of my life such as relationships and some aspects of parenting (discipline).

I think that others see me as more than just moderately successful. However, given my education and skills, I feel I should have done far better than I have. But I suppose success is somehow similar to the tin man’s heart and not so much what I think, but what others think of me. (As if I cared.)

From 1975 to 1986 I had a good job working with computers in industrial control. I did a variety of things from 1986 to 1997 when I started some businesses which I am now in the process of liquidating. In all, pretty successful for someone of average or above average intellegence. I found out I had ADHD and was diagnosed a year ago . . . after my son got diagnosed. I will occasionally take adderall, maybe two or three times a month. I don’t notice much effect from the medicine.

However, good my short term focus is, meaning I can stick with an interest for several months or more, my long term focus tends to wander. So instead of being able to focus and stick with something like say physics and becoming a great theoretical astrophysicist which should be doable with an IQ of 155+, my mind wanders and roams, learning a little about everything, for example enough auto mechanics to replace the fuel injected engine on my 280Z, but not very much about anything. So I end up with the following skills and education or equivalent:

BA in Computer Science – majored in Math

BS Mechanical engineering specializing in Yacht Design

BA Accounting – passed all parts Uniform CPA Exam first time

Extra class amateur radio operator

Interests include:

Astronomy and cosmology

auto mechanics

sailing – crew of barque Elissa out of Galveston

model shipbuilding

radio controlled planes

ancient civilizations and world prehistory

cabinet making

wiring, plumbing, drywall, carpentry (I restored an old Queen Anne house we lived in)

theoretical physics – quantum mechanics and relativity

cooking and baking

abnormal psychology

ancient and medieval history

various topics in math

religion and bible studies

Classics – greek mythology

music – play organ, piano, harmonica, accordion, concertina, recorder, tin whistle, dulcimer – built a harpsichord

Irish and dance hall music

Texas master gardener

Mayan archeology


real estate

molecular biology

furniture refinishing

fairy tales


neurology – brain function

OH, AND CAN’T FORGET CATS wife says I’m a cat freak, we got an even dozen – all colors and sizes

So ADHD is probably responsible for the variety of interests but prevents me from getting an encyclopedic knowledge of any of it or creating a lifelong career. I suppose if I examined very closely what I considered important in all of this, I pretty well hit my goals.