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Re: What if I'm just a crappy person?

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Sherri27…….so what if those have been your actions in the past?? Actions are just that “past actions”…. some outward aboration or manifestation of our feeling and emotions…..maybe???? We all got here to this point in life somehow…..so who’s judging???

Anyway….ADD or otherwise, My belief is, we do have the ability to change our behaviors…(I know folks are going to loose their mind at that statement but tough shit )!!! I believe too, that many of our behaviors stem from our vision of our life and the perspective through which we view it. I believe our vision flaws and distortions tend to also distort our emotions, actions and reactions to the stimuli in our lives. I also believe that our distortions and flaws are often deep rooted, we have developed them from childhood and cling to them like their are our only tools in life, and without them we would surely be lost. Right or wrong those tools and beliefs afford us some degree of and predictability without which life would be even more chaotic.

I firmly believe if my vision, my perspective through which I filter all information, and my ensuing behavior are causing me anxiety, and problems, and distress in my life, then it is time to investigate…why this is so!!! I must look/scrutinize my vision, my perspective, my values and beliefs..and question them thoroughly, inside and out upside down and inside out. Where did I get them, who gave them to me…..why do I cling to them if they don’t serve me well….are they really mine…or…….were they ever really mine…..or did I just accept them because I was told I SHOULD, by some one in authority….someone with power over me….influence….what/who???? Why do I insist on using them to cause myself such distress and heartache…..how can I redress my imbalances if I encounter them, and eliminate or reduce the distortions in my life??? Fair questions no….????

Fact is our past life and our past experiences do have a huge impact on our present behavior and our vision, our perspective and life in general….that’s true and I’m not presenting that for debate. But a common misconception is the influence our our past life experience and vision cannot be reduced, or eradicated…….this is a an absolute misconception!!!

Sure, we behave in habitual ways, and yes old habits are difficult to break….re-learning can be difficult, hard even, BUT not impossible, and the road long, without a doubt. My question is…….is that road harder than this one, the one we are on today?? Any information that does not change or enhance the quality of life may be sterile of questionable value.

Typically this type of self-work and vision work requires a guide, or counselor, a damn good one too, one that has done their own work, and is living it today!! Real life experience, not just a book experienced individual, there is no replacement for the real thing here!!! It is a very hard a path to negotiate on our own, it was after all our head that got here in the first place……and like or not, our reasoning is not always clean, sound, and unencumbered…..a great guide or counselor will see that and help one remain true and on the path.

Something to consider, maybe……..or not……..we all must choose for ourselves in the end.