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Re: What jobs have you enjoyed?

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I know that I cannot keep working for the company I am with, my Director cannot wait for the day I am fired. Unfortunately I am very good at what I do, the first scientist in the company with my expertise, a female in a Japanese company, and cannot just sit there looking pretty and just allow bad scientific work continue in clinical trials. The worst thing that happened for my Director is a Flow Cytometrist, with a strong passion for what I do, was hired. I am a high performer who gives 110% to all I do and take great pride in my work.

I am trying to find a new direction to go in where I can use my professional skills and the positives of the ADD.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for a scientist (Medical Technologist that has specialized in Flow Cytometry) who: sees things in ways others do not (can think out of the box), I have improved current l lab processes and made changes to increase efficiency / productivity, and I perform best when in a very busy environment with a team to rely on for help. I can work independently however, not in isolation (solitary confinement) without any support, this is my current situation. My Director refuses to hire a Technologist to help and do the grunt work so I can do the research, go to meetings and write reports.