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You can’t change the pass no matter how much you look back. I felt like a faliure but I don’t anymore . This is me, can’t do anything about it.

I’m 53 and just coming to understand and accept. I started to really think about what I like and what I would stick to one of the things I took up was art in my forties. And I started to sell my work I’m a folk artist I could never remeber all the rules to painting. Life isn’t about money some of the most poorest people are happy. I live in Chester Nova Scotia the town is full of rich Americans that have beutiful homes but this one lady that I know sitting in her big home that travels isn’t happy.Don’t make life about what I could of had I’m an evonmenlist can’t spell it . I live in a small house that was build out of old wooden boats from the family before. Almost everything I do is out of recycle material. People I know bought land cheap out in the country build a strawbale house or cob they don’t have much money but there happy.

But I could never do what you have done never my brain just won’t work that good. Plus I went to New Zealand and stayed at hostiles you can travel you can always work in different place’s my sister in-law a teacher got a job in New Zealand. you can work for a year in some of these place,s You are at were you are you can’t change anything about the pass but what you like to do with the next maybe thirty. We live in Canada we will always be taken care of. But in the end will end up in one or two place a pine box or nusing home. So what are you going to do with the last part of your life in in regreat or live it. I almost cried thinking about how smart you are and your beating yourself up over what could of been. I could never do what you did. I have cognitive problems on top of it. I come from a family of ADD ADHD plus cognitive problems. I can’t believe your beating yourself up. I was just told i’m not smart enough to get my grade 12 by a phycatist two of them in the room with me saying Yvonne look at me it is never going to happe. Told me just a couple of weeks ago that I have cognitive problems. i just thought I was stupid, with ADHD. Some of us it is just a pipe dream to get even our grade 12. Wow you still have life left you might not make it to reteiment. You can always run a place after you retire and travel. Take time off, work and save then travel. There were people that I meet thats all they did.People from all over the world. All i want to do was go to art school to take an none creadit course. In painting. I thought I needed that to help me to give me some cridentuls for teaching other people with add to bring them art. But since then i realized I don’t need to say I went to art school to make my dream come true. I’m an folk artist so that was the blow I recieved with two people sitting in an office saying. Yvonne that is never going to happen. If I was a relitive of yours I would smuck you upside the head and say Snap out of it. And go live your life don’t look back and say what could of been. Your smart person you did it with having ADD. Clamdigger