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You are focusing too much on the meds. They are not miracle pills. You need to address the many aspects of what is happening in your life. There are lifestyle changes you will need to make, psychological therapies to understand your feelings of helplessness, and basic interventions to get you back into a job (vocational assistance). When you are depressed these may all look overwhelming and so it becomes a vicious cycle. Sometimes hospitalization or a day treatment program becomes necessary to break the cycle of continuous defeatist feelings. The symptoms of ADHD and Depression overlap but ADHD should have been there since your childhood. If there are unresolved feelings that go back there as well, that might be the root of some of the issues. Even CBT would be of help to you as well.

When I hear of a story of someone having multiple medication failures, the first thing I hear between the lines is you are looking for someone to rescue you. The meds can’t do that but someone has to step up. Get a doc who will have to support your fragile feelings.

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