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Re: What was time like growing up?

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I was the girl who would be one of the guys. Very few pepole I could call friends.

Was the tallest student, even taller the the pirncable for a few years.

Was tooth pick.

My mom made the school hold be back in 1st grade. Which would be wore for me if didn’t.

Whitch made me even older, My birthday is in Dec., then repeating 1 grade made me 2 years older then my co-students.

Was in speical ED classses. all my classes. Except my Histoy teacher, He gave me a C, When I shoud have gotton E, He know I was Trying. some teacher in Jr. & High school.

Home work for me that took all your classes in 3Hr., it took me 3 hr. to do one class.

In jr. high I thought I had a best friend, then i dated her brother, that all changed are relasionship.

Was called names, in my 30 someone remberded me by the girl who could not get her pants off & wet herself. ):

Was to tall, to skinny, to dume, to unpredicable.

Was sick alote, but do not know if I had the chichinpox, remeber bing around the as a child and when my kids had them, still never had them as far as I know.

From Jr. High Iwent to a scool farther away from home, Where they went to the they caould walk to.

I have some contec with the old friends on face book. But I will go off on one of my I don;t care. Then they will back off.

Had no dad at home, or one that wanted to see me,

(My dad still comes across as My new wife & kids come 1st, We are all adults now)

Had a step dad that would chace me around the, thought he would hit me.

Was in a melt abuse relationship.

Had to kids, That was the only thing good that came out of the relationship.

Finsh high school at a collage & finsh a cabinet shop class Hr.

Then I met my husband, found out how a women is supose to be treated.

I met My husband the 1st time when I was 13. difftern story.

Will name it close to the above statement.