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Re: What was time like growing up?

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Always had major depression and anger problems, more depression then anger when I was young. Very difficult time with any male friends. I got along better with girls. Could not read or write by grade 2 so I repeated that year. I never felt like I fit into any kind of group ( I was a loner ) I made friends with other people like me but I didn’t know why…we got into tons of trouble,,( @15) some pretty bad stuff too. Like stealing peoples cars etc. I forgot at 13 I was hospitalized for gastric intestinal, never found out what that was about. I only got to grade 9 if I would go to summer school for reading. Funny because it was the first time I almost finished a book. All though high school I was in remedial English. I had a detention pretty much everyday because of being late. I decided to just skip fist class to try to avoid the detentions. By grade 11 I was seeing a psychiatrist. Long story short I was put into the psychiatric ward out patient for 6 months. I was on all kids of anti-depressants, they did nothing. I met a girl in there. Sex was a pretty good distraction, I felt better. Depression got the better of me again and I ended up back at the hospital, (26 after 4 years of serve depression) I didn’t like it so I didn’t stay ( no girls lol ). Things have been all over the place for me and this is just a small summary of when I was young. Things never got better, they just changed. Couldn’t keep friends, I got bored of them fast and I didn’t fit into there life style ( they were too mature ). Life has been a puzzle for me that I could never understand. Now at 49 I feel that I’m on the brink of a positive change….. I hope… at least I got my grade 12 just recently. I hope this answers you request.