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Re: What was time like growing up?

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What was it like when I was growing up? Part of me was waiting for me or my peers to grow-up. Fourth grade I lost most of my friends and became an outcast over night. Fourth through eighth grade, I became a loner.

In high school, I did so many clubs, that I had one everyday. Made the honor roll, like three times. My senior year I was student of the month. It was hard to seeing my picture and the breakfast. I did not want to be talked about and many teachers, even the dean thought I should have been student of the month by then. I liked English, History, and band. Band was my escape, other then the clubs. I was at least president for three years in a row. Many, times I wanted to run away. Too much pressure on me, and I had to go to a few extra meeting for presidents of clubs. One teacher was surprised at my time management. Then one day I lost my assignment note pad and I totally was freaking out.

Most of the time I felt like I somehow, was older then I was and found myself waiting for my age to catch up; other times I felt like I was behind. I am still feel this way, and that sounds really sad.