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Re: What's the worst thing you have ever forgotten?

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” it’s not that you don’t realize how important it is, or that you don’t care…it’s just that you have no way of locking data into your short term memory! “

Thank you, eringunsinger. That one sentence explains the problem of ADD better than anything I’ve ever read or heard. The process that does that is neither reliable (for us), nor in our control. No amount of “Just do it, just try harder, if you weren’t so lazy and cared more and tried harder you could if you really really wanted to…” is helpful either.

I don’t have one “worst” as such. I took care of my father when he was pervasively frail with several immediately life-threatening problems, in addition to serious chronic problems. One of his doctors aptly described him as ” a house of cards” . There are only so many little pieces of paper you can post before it just becomes clutter. I had so many lists that I had a master list of the master lists – literally, not hyperbole. Being a non-linear thinker and being able to hyper-focus both served me well doing this. But the sheer complexity and enormity of what I had to keep track of at all times – the tests and ongoing evaluations and procedures I had to do, the complex and variable medication regimen, co-ordination of appointments, scheduling etc – defeated me again and again, and even a small screw up could potentially result in horrible pain, irreversible consequences or even death for him. Even now, years after his death, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night in a panic that I’ve forgotten something important he urgently needs. I’m usually out of bed and into the hall at a dead run before I snap out of it.