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To tell or not to tell. As if our lives aren’t difficult enough, there’s this, too.

I deal with that on a case by case basis. Those who really love you and care about you won’t have an issue. So far, so good. My mother, brother and other family members, well, just to prevent making a bad situation worse, I haven’t. My ADHD would be viewed much the same way the rest of the world see us. And I don’t need that. There is no point in trying to enlighten them.

When I encounter a situation where some sort of disclosure is required, say a learning environment, I generally wait to get a read on the people around me. (And you all know about our perceptiveness…..).

If it will help reduce my frustration and I know the instructor is “receptive”, I will fully disclose the ADHD after class or some other time when we can have some privacy.

When I find a situation where people may not understand or disagree about the existence of ADHD, I will say it’s neurological thing, or an information processing disorder/learning disability. Non ADHD types generally respond to that reason better because it’s something they perceive as you having no control over it and gains some sympathy. Kinda like freckles, or blue eyes….

At work, well, I’m still trying to figure that one out. In my previous posts I have alluded to the difficulties I’m having with that: all I can say is it’s still an uphill battle.

We now have a forum where we can speak amongst ourselves, help and be helped, and I hope that we can eventually form an advocacy group to bring to light these issues we all deal with on a daily basis. Maybe get T-shirts made up saying ” I’m ADHD and it’s NOT MY FAULT….”

Hope this helps….