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20 Minutes, Folks.

That’s how long it took – after I took my first meds at the age of 46 – for my life to change.

Thought it was all bull – or at the very best, highly suspect … then I took that first pill.

20 MINUTES later, my mind cleared and I had sharp focus – ON DEMAND – for the first time in my life.

Went through the classic stages you’re talking about … What if I’d found out sooner? … All those wasted years … etc.

But you DO get past that and finally realize – “Oh well. At least I know NOW. So what do I do with the REST of my life?”

Get a good Doctor. Get a THOROUGH diagnosis. Work with your Doctor to find the RIGHT meds (it may take more than one), and the RIGHT dosage. Take the meds you’re prescribed WHEN you’re supposed to take them. Then – with your brain FINALLY working at peak efficiency – go to work fixing the problems you couldn’t (COULDN’T) before, and prepare for the best years of your life.

And remember: You’re not “on meds,” you’re “OFF ADD.”