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Re: Women w/ ADHD Inattentive Type – anyone out there?

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Adrienne508, walkwithfarmgirl: It’s so good to know that the anxiety is also something that others are experiencing!! Whew! I was wondering if my anxiety and difficulty handling conflict, especially aggressive conflict, was part of the ADHD. I started having panic attacks when I went through a divorce. It was just one more thing that I attributed (…blamed) on the divorce – now I see almost all of it was/is related to having ADHD. I left 3 different jobs because of it too. I’m also an ultimate people-pleaser – wonder if that’s common for women with ADHD?? Wonder if this is a characteristic in young girls that gets misinterpreted as “sensitive” – has anyone ever said that about you? I have books and books on ‘the highly sensitive person’…now I see why I never made it through any of them (lack of focus, no reading comprehension, lack of focus). Do you take a different medicine for anxiety than you do for ADHD? I’ve read that some people have to.

Here’s a another possible facet – I’ve never been able to maintain realistic expectations of people and sometimes it feels like a daily struggle. It leaves me constantly disappointed in others. No matter how hard I’ve worked to improve this about myself, I just can’t seem to get my brain to register – in the same way that I can’t make the decision to do something when I know I need to, such as run errands, do laundry, clean, start/finish a project. Does that make sense? Do you ever feel this way?

Foxtrot: Short-term memory loss started for me a few years ago too. I read an article in Bottom Line that said fish oil helps with memory loss, as well as ‘scatter-brain’. I began taking 2/day then and saw improvements within a couple of weeks. Thankfully the fish oil helps lots of other things too and you don’t have to get a prescription! :-)

The laundry thing is really cracking me up – who knew?! What a relief!

I read in another forum that someone has difficulty with Facebook – does anyone else have difficulties or insecurities about Facebook?

Oy. I just re-read what I’ve written above and it screams “HI! I have ADHD, can you tell? How about now? Now?” – I’m exhausted.