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Thanks Rick ,

I enjoy your work .

Thanks for the insite , i also have Dyslexia and i attend some one on one workshops for that , and took some information from that helps now .

1. Dial down the inner speak

2. Bring things back to focus with you mind eye

3 skips my mind for now LOL

Another thing i have found myself doing which everybody should do , is not trying to control things that you have no control over .

I can not control my patent application and parts delivery that goes a stray , i can shout and stamp my feet and piss off a bunch of over people but what does it really do ,nothing but put my blood preasure up .

And i think thats where i get undone .

I am doing the 5min interval thing and things are getting done .

Hi SkyGypsy

Thanks for your insight , my wife is wonderfull person and i know that her frustration is partly with me but also the healthcare system

for dragging there feet for getting my diagnosis ,and getting me started on treatment , i have two freinds that just went to there GPs and prescribed ADD drugs straight away .

I have worked in the HVAC industry since i was 16 years old ,I am great at the emergencies terrible at the mundane stuff.

So i tend to wait untill the flame are at the door before i did anything about it , this has improved a lot since my diagnosis.

Again thanks for insight