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@Rick, this statement you made helped me:

“…when I’m feeling overwhelmed … I have to remind myself … to turn down the emotional volume. I’ve lost perspective and everything is monumental.”

The kicker, and I think @Clive alluded to this in his post above, is that I am usually the cause of that which is overwhelming me! And I sit here and look at the simple things I could have done to prevent the current fiasco, flog myself, reach some low point, and climb back out.

Over and over and over and over again in my life and I wonder why the hell “everyone else” seems to be able to handle their lives so well and, somehow, I get going, get going strong and drop the ball. Amazing. Good thing it’s a rubber ball.

@Clive: The Health Care System: Do it your way. If you get frustrated with the lack of progress, go to a GP. Or, go over, in your head, the progress that HAS been made so far. That might help you see some forward movement if your current endpoint is “get meds.”