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I wish I could help you with more than this but this is all I’ve got right now…

1. You aren’t the only one who, for some unknown reason, is compelled to finish that which is incomplete before moving forward. This has been happening to me since I was young (and I am 45 now). I do not know why I feel this way. My Husband keeps trying to tell me about “water under the bridge” but too often I find myself trying to start over just to get a bearing on where I am.

2. I think where the “get your act together” comes from is cultural: this is, in my humble opinion, a more difficult position for a male relative to a female since, for all of the “advances” we (women) think we’ve made, most men are still primary breadwinners in families and most women still expect men to be so – and if the male in the family is not the primary breadwinner, he probably feels he should be and, unless the female of the pair is free of cultural bonds, she probably thinks he should be as well. If I were the male of the house right now, I’d be failing miserably.

I’m not judging (I don’t want you to think I am).

At this point, I am VERY grateful for a highly functional Husband in light of the fact that I was raised in a female-dominant household and have the belief that I should be able to take care of myself and everyone around me financially. (That’s not happening…)

3. The clutter drives me insane and yet I am responsible for 99% of it.

I must repeat: I’m at the wall…