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Re: Wow…ADD/ADHD at 46?

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cbrown – At 46 you are still a youngster. Your husband has great observation and research skills.

You have two good books. Dr. Ned Hallowell wrote the ‘Driven to Distraction” If you have read the book

you know his story. He is an authority on Adult ADD and many other areas.

I am living in New England and I was watching Dr. Oz one morning (I never ever watch daytime TV) and Dr. Hallowell was on TV

At this point I was looking for a psych to confirm the diagnosis. I went to a community psych who has a general practice. He wasn’t really

that helpful in terms of providing a diagnosis. He wanted school record and health records from the beginning of time (my youth)

I knew that a good ADD specialist should know if ADD is a reasonable diagnosis based on a assessment and questionnaire.

After watching seeing Dr Hallowell on TV I googled him and found he had a clinic near Boston. So needless to say the trip was

worth it and I received a formal diagnosis of ADD.

The diagnostic and follow-up treatment were through other clinicians at the Hallowell Clinic. That was in Nov 11. it is a challenge and I am at the starting line. It has helped in putting some of the pieces together in terms of my past.

This a good site with solid and latest treatment information. It is an excellent center but if you look there are other excellent clinics through the US and some in Canada.