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Wow…ADD/ADHD at 46?

Wow…ADD/ADHD at 46?2012-01-26T23:02:28+00:00
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    I can’t believe it. I thought I knew what ADD was. I NEVER thought I had it. I thought I was lazy, why can’t I just do things like other people, why am I so annoyed and irritated all the time and so dang angry! My husband, bless his heart, started doing some research and in a moment when he didn’t think I would condemn him told me that he thought I might like to read a book called “The Dis-Organized Mind”. I don’t know what he thought as I have about 15 different books that I am reading and can’t finish, but I gave it a go and it was like reading my life story. I couldn’t believe it! The next day I called my doctor to discuss. I have been treated for depression and anxiety for over 20 years now and to finally have a “reason” for the way I act other than I just need to grow up and learn to deal with life. I have seen a specialist twice now and also read “Driven to Distraction”. (Yes, I have actually finished a book) I started on 20mg Aderall XR. The first couple of days were like heaven to me but now about 1:30 I get so sleepy that I can’t even function. Has anyone else had this problem? I guess when I see my dr again I will tell him and see if I need a different dosage but just knowing there is an answer is helpful. I try really hard not to dwell on the past and to look toward the future. It is devastating to look back and see all of the failures that may have been avoided if someone else had noticed or said something. Even growing up, my mom’s favorite thing to say to me was “why can’t you be more like so and so”. She is gone now and I can’t say see, I am not just a failure. But, that is a whole other issue!


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    I haven’t gotten a diagnosis yet, so I’m interested at following other people that are just a step ahead of me, starting medication. Please let me know what your doctor says, and how you continue to experience the medication! I’m very interested in knowing what I can expect!


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    cbrown – At 46 you are still a youngster. Your husband has great observation and research skills.

    You have two good books. Dr. Ned Hallowell wrote the ‘Driven to Distraction” If you have read the book

    you know his story. He is an authority on Adult ADD and many other areas.

    I am living in New England and I was watching Dr. Oz one morning (I never ever watch daytime TV) and Dr. Hallowell was on TV

    At this point I was looking for a psych to confirm the diagnosis. I went to a community psych who has a general practice. He wasn’t really

    that helpful in terms of providing a diagnosis. He wanted school record and health records from the beginning of time (my youth)

    I knew that a good ADD specialist should know if ADD is a reasonable diagnosis based on a assessment and questionnaire.

    After watching seeing Dr Hallowell on TV I googled him and found he had a clinic near Boston. So needless to say the trip was

    worth it and I received a formal diagnosis of ADD.

    The diagnostic and follow-up treatment were through other clinicians at the Hallowell Clinic. That was in Nov 11. it is a challenge and I am at the starting line. It has helped in putting some of the pieces together in terms of my past.

    This a good site with solid and latest treatment information. It is an excellent center but if you look there are other excellent clinics through the US and some in Canada.


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