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Re: WOW I never knew it was still with me

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It is amazing that the doctors basically said that I would be cured and would not have to worry about as an adult. Boy was that doctor ever wrong. As I said eariler that I found out that it is still with me that was a big revelation it explainde so much about the last 5 years. You see i was in a car accident and ended up with a double concussion to the front and back of my brain. This accident the dr though that I would be back to work by monday, the accident was on a thursday. The doctors have had major problems with careing for my concussion because I have as they say no ingurys that they can see. Like a bruse or contusion to my brain. I didnt even have a bruse on my face. I was working when i had the accident so at least I got L&I for it. L&I covered most of the medical payments but I had to fight to get what little help I did get. They say there is nothing wrong with me and I am faking it. i have had a headache ever since the accident 5 years ago. Anyways after the accident I became extreamly depressed, I feel guilty for everything weither or not it was my falt or not. I feel like i am always looking over my shoulder, like I am guilty of everything wrong in the world. I am jumpy and scared and i have no real reason why i should feel this way. My anxiety is so out of control, it is like i am just about to go crazy at any second. My stress is to the point of a mental break down. It got so bad that i would isolate myself from everyone. I wonder if some of my problems are just the fact that I dont have the control over my ADD now that i use to before the accident. I have also notice that my sences are on overload all the time. I also get migraines at least 1 – 4 times a week.