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Re: You'll grow out of it….

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I had to give some input sorry to here about your son. I went to school in the 70’s @ 14 leaving school and having add and not knowing thinking back explanes alot. I think having add and thinking of death as a way to solve all the things one has no control over i am wondering if it is a very strong charateristic of add. i often have felt that way. to be truthfull i still do on a daily bassis. i do think people are creawl but people would talk down about me after i was dead so one strange reason to keep living and with my track record i would get that wrong. i think it is great and we can be so honest hear. if i told you my story it might make your head spin my phyc. doc said i cant change all the things that hapen so i should get over it and move on. that is easyer said then done. people have allways used lables on me they seam to stay with me . i could continue by going on about my past .the only things i would like to add is as a rule lables are incorect they are trying to put around person in a sqaure hole. thanks all for letting me go on this is good therapy for me .you people are greatest bunch this old dog has had the pleasure to meet.keep it coming ilove all your in sight.