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Re: Yup, it's ADD alright, textbook case

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Thanks, curlymoe. He’s already sleeping on a camp cot downstairs (for the past week). He snores so loudly that he needs to be in another room even when I’m wearing earplugs. I wish I had something that could measure the db so I could show him what it’s like.

Even on the Ritalin, I wake up a bit, but I’m starting a log to see exactly what’s happening. The ADD psych suggested the same thing for my ritalin trials, since I asked him whether or not I could up the dosage until we get a written report and treatment plan. He’s completely ok with me taking it, just suggests I try the 10 mg for awhile and record how I feel at various times, after 2 hours, after 4 hours, etc. then maybe try 15 mg, max they used to prescribe was 25 mg 3x day. So I need to start being my own lab rat, I guess!

When we get our house cleaned out, we’re going to put in a daybed.