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Patte Rosebank
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@TheEvilNeo, welcome!

Nuts do attract squirrels, and “Squirrel!” is the universal ADHD call to attention, so I suppose “nutter” sort of makes sense.  Though some might take offence…and a gate and a small potting-shed, since we ADDers don’t do things by halves.

The more I learn about ADHD, the more I think it should rightly be called “Interest-Driven Brain” (IDB), since that’s what it is.  While most people’s brains are driven by what’s important, ours are driven by what’s interesting.  Sort of like the way that most people are right-handed, while a few are left-handed.  Though I have been told that “IDB” could easily be confused with “IBD”, which is something entirely different.

I detect a bit of an accent in your post.  Are you perhaps in the UK?

I just had my first lesson with a character-voice coach, here in Toronto, and when we discussed dialects, I gave her a crash-course on the subtleties of British dialects.  Particularly the different terms for underpants.  She was quite amazed to learn that, in the UK, “pants” does NOT mean “trousers”.  And then, I told her that, in the UK, a “windbreaker” is NOT a jacket.  She giggled just like one of her cartoon characters!

You may be right about the “Peter Pan” effect of not having children.  At least, it’s certainly been that way for me.  Then again, I know there are other factors involved. Comedy is a way to stay immature forever.  And being plumptious makes you look younger than you are, because you don’t get wrinkles in a balloon unless you deflate it.

And then, there’s that “30% effect”.  ADDers often have a socio-emotional age that’s around 30% younger than our physical age.  That can cause a lot of problems, because we may *actually* be 40 years old, but we are functioning like a 28-year-old, AND we have the working memory of an 8-year-old.  But the “30% effect” also gives us a childlike approach to the world, open to all sorts of ideas, and full of empathy and playfulness.  No wonder we’re known for being so creative!

Like you, I think of ADHD as a real advantage…most of the time.  There are many times when it’s a royal pain in the arse, but not nearly as many times as it was BEFORE I knew I had it and started learning how to work with it!