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Patte Rosebank
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@Uglytoad, there’s some excellent advice here.

Like the other posters, I’m very concerned about the way your boyfriend’s behaviour is hurting you.

And, that, with all the permanent/fatal STDs out there, his promiscuity is putting YOUR LIFE at risk.

Even if he doesn’t give you an STD, what if he fathers a child, and has to support it until it grows up?

His behaviour could destroy your future emotionally, physically, and financially.

I can understand why you really want to help him with his ADHD (and whatever other issues he may have), but it sounds as if he’s using this as an excuse for his bad behaviour. If he won’t change (and remember, we ADDers have to really WANT to do something, before we CAN do it), then please get whatever help you need to, to end this relationship completely.

You can’t save him unless he decides to do whatever it takes to save himself.

But you CAN save yourself.