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I have been reading this whole thread, Ginnie (I think I’m spelling it wrong.) Pulled me in because I saw so much of my my past in her words, almost parallel. I started being very interested in religion, church, and every good thing I was supposed to do. I became very disillusioned at 10 years old but I’ll come back to that in a minute.

blackdog, you just stopped me from reading further because I really wanted to comment on your post, I am so touched that you included everything, because that is now my belief  I just cannot believe that God is not part of every particle and void. But mostly like you said the simplest things there is God, faith, Hope! hope I think is faith, it is strength, it is light. And in some ways it is rest.

I started to come to these conclusions when I was 10 years old. when I realized that thought as explained to me was like electricity and thought was the essence of everything. I was also told that electricity was in everything, and also God was in everything. My 10 year old brain put it all together that it was all the same, thought being like electricity only smaller. But I learned as I got older energy is energy, and frequency’s differ but but energy is never lost. I cannot see how that is not God. It doesn’t have shape color gender size name or anything, it just is. All that is evident, are the effects. God hiding in plain sight. As common as a dandelion, which is a very nutritious super food, yet held in deepest disdain, except by children, and artists.

Oh, and people who eat their lawns. Probably healthier than the food from the grocery store.

I could have gone deeper into the subject a little but I don’t have the time right now, I think I will though, the story of  my 10 year old self, told properly, isn’t too bad.