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I find your insight to be so refreshing and honest Genniebean, so thank-you. I spend  a lot of time being angry at being ADHD. Why I have no clue but I read all of these brilliant insights and am bleased at how truly amazing this group of people are.

My post are alway shortened and hopefully to the point I spend so much time just trying to keep up and I can’t, because of my LD’S and my low IQ. then there are days like today and I read these posts and I am honoured to be listed as part of this group!!!!

So to all that have a part in this thread I give you all the loudest  CHEER of gratitude. I might be slow and not very well written , but when I read this amount of truly inspiring insight I am blessed . I spend most of my days feeling like a lost soul looking and hoping for death, but today you all fill me with hope! so THANK-YOU ALL!!!!

OH by the way I don’t go to a church anymore .I find they don’t like who I am. a little to honest and blunt. so if I feel like playing games I can do that any where!! So know when I find a place or a nee to be a little  uplifting I give because thats all I got. but It still always hurts when my small gift is not accepted . still on the outside looking in. keeping it real!!!!