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@trashman – Don’t put too much faith in that IQ number. There is a lot more to intelligence than a score on a test. There are many different ways to be intelligent. My mom only went to grade 8 in school and then the principal told her mom there was no point in sending her to school anymore because she couldn’t learn. And she is one of the smartest people I know. She taught herself everything she needed to keep a roof over our heads and keep us fed and make sure that we had the best possible start in life. We were poor but we never went without.

@Ginniebean and everyone else- I am sorry but this thread is a little too long and I simply can’t read it all right now. So I will just put in my 2 cents worth on faith.

There is wisdom to be found everywhere, in all the ancient religious and philosophical writings, even in everyday things that you read or hear on Tv, in the words of a passing stranger, and the mouths of babes.

And  God/The Universe/The Powers That Be can be found in a kind word, a thoughtful gesture, the song of a bird and the colours of the rainbow, in the comfort you receive when you grieve and the strength that lifts you up in troubled times.

I believe that  absolute belief in anything is dangerous. It is good to always question, to seek the right path. Take the good parts  and leave the rest behind. No one religion has all the answers and no one way is the right way. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own actions, and we can choose to act out of love and kindness or out of hate and anger.

Seek and ye shall find. Ask and ye shall receive.

I know it’s hard to believe, but it does work. When you need faith the most, it will be there. You just have to open your mind, and heart, and ask. And be ready to receive the answer.