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That’s is great news, yassmtm!  Sounds like you are young so having this figured out sooner than later will really make your life better 🙂  I’m and have had depression most of my life, but I now realize it’s likely secondary to ADD.  A friend who also has ADD and was diagnosed when he was a kid told me that he always thought I was ADD, which is what got me investigating it.  When I read about it, everything clicked and I realized that it was what had caused my depression all along, always feeling inadequate, incompetent, never living up to self-imposed expectations and potential.  Since learning about this, I, too, have felt much less depressed and even went off the anti-depressant I had been on for many years! I do feel that my depression was always more situational, though probably do have a little bit of physiological depression underlying everything – my grandmother was purported to be manic-depressive.

Anyway, I’m happy for you and both of us need to remind ourselves when we find ourselves having negative thoughts that it is the ADD/ADHD!