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I am sad to read your post, I have suffered all my life. I currently was diagnosed and also feel a burden has been lifted. Relationship issues still around, I feel like a baby because I don’t or cant organize or clean… I have been on wellbutrin for depression and now am getting a stimulant for when I have to study and learn something.

I can not believe I am actually writing now and reading. The depression has somehow lifted, cant say when or how. But I am actually walking the dogs for 2-3-4-5 miles depending on the day… instead of 2-3-4 Blocks around the house.

Defenitely keep writing on this page. there is a community of like minded compassionate people here. I have been so Hard on myself all my life, I could never see my greatness as others have… but now I have a chance to.

Slowly but surely you will find the right recipe.

I am having a hard time and asking for help with scheduling and calendars…

Good luck