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This is a tough one. Normally I would say don’t stop taking your medication without checking with your doctor first. But if 160/122 is extremely high compared to your normal BP, and there are no other possible causes (stress, too much salty food), and it is consistently high (more than just one reading) then stopping the medication might be the right way to go.

I don’t see high blood pressure listed in the side effects for Concerta, but that doesn’t completely rule out the possibility, since everyone reacts differently and it is possible to have side effects that are less common.

I have never taken Concerta, but I have taken it’s close cousin Ritalin and experienced no side effects. But that’s just me. Other medications that supposedly have few or no side effects have made me violently ill. And SSRI’s make my blood pressure drop like a stone. I had to stop taking my blood pressure medication when I started a new SSRI 6 weeks ago.

You should follow your doctor’s advice and keep monitoring your blood pressure. Remember, check it when you are sitting comfortably and have been resting for awhile for an accurate reading.