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doublel – if your BP is that high you MUST stop taking your Concerta immediately and then find out what your BP is normally. Anything over 130/80 is too high.  160/122 is potentially very dangerous if you don’t get it sorted. BP varies throughout the day. If your BP was that on a morning then it will likely reduce during the day – or maybe you didn’t sit quietly before it was taken? If your BP was that later in the day and after rest, then you can be sure it will be higher in the morning. More people have heart attacks on a morning than at any other time of day because of that.

The worst that can happen if you stop taking your Concerta is your ADHD symptoms will increase.  That’s not to make light of that, I know what that’s like. But if your BP continues like that you’re looking at a potential stroke, heart attack and with a diastolic (bottom) value like that, you’re maybe looking at kidney damage too if it remains unchecked.

BUT you need to see if that’s just a ‘blip’ or whether your BP is constantly high. You need to see your GP and discuss it. Once your BP is under control there is no reason why you can’t take stimulants.

I am not a doctor and normally I wouldn’t suggest stopping medication, but high BP is a bigger issue than ADHD in the immediate scheme of things.

I take quick release methylphenidate and have variable BP. If I hit a ‘high’ patch I stop taking them but I hate that….sometimes I think I’ll take the risk but I certainly wouldn’t if my BP was that high. I have seen what a stroke can do to people and it’s frightening.

But on the whole, although methylphenidate increases my BP, it’s still reasonably OK. I recently tried Concerta (which is just slow release methylphenidate) and my BP increased to 155/98. I tried a lower dose and my BP fell but was still too high.  I stupidly persevered, but I have now given up on Concerta. It made me feel completely wired, I couldn’t sleep and I was so emotional on it. I am really disappointed because it also made me really focused. So I am back to the quick release version again and feel less focused but much calmer. I don’t know why I get such different results with what is fundamentally the same drug. It must be connected with the release mechanism but why….?

But please get your doctor’s opinion – high blood pressure is risky.

Good luck.