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I stopped.  I just returned from the GP visit.  The GP I saw is not my regular doctor, I saw someone else where I work.  My GP does not believe in ADHD and does not know I have been diagnosed and therefore does not know I am on am meds to treat it.  Bad I know but I have to take this into my own hands….fortunately my pharmasist is brilliant and I trust him, he is aware of all my meds so I am not concerned about mixing medications.  Should my doctor ever need to know about my ADHD I will tell her at that time, but for now I do not see any reason to justify myself and the meds I take.

The GP visit….

Apparently it takes 2.5 dys to be Concerta “free” so I still have 1.5 days until my body is clean.  I have to take my BP several times a day for the next 4 days then call my regular GP next week if it is still high.  This GP is wondering if my BP will return to normal levels once there is no trace of Concerta left in my system.  Good plan.  Hopefully this is the case and I don’t have to go back on BP meds.  I was once on them…then the cardiologist weened me off as it got to low…guessing the weight loss from the loss of appitite from the Concerta…lol

Anyway…..no adhd meds for me right  now and I am not happy about that at all.  I think I may call the pharmacy and have them call my ADHD doc and get a 30 day supply of Strattera.  I dont see him until the end of October and I cannot wait that long for a new med….