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Uh….What were 5, 6 and 7? I forget…

You had me thinking wow, I need to try some different meds, if  they make it possible to do all that!

I actually was inspiered by this thread last night and finally cleaned off my white boards. One hadn’t been changed since I don’t know when, still had an old work schedule on it. The other one I started at the beginning of September and had just been adding to the list, scribbling new things in wherever there was a blank space.

So, I have them cleaned off now and started some new lists, using a new system. Hopefully this one will work better. And I started making checklists for each thing, breaking it all down. I had to stop after the first few because I was starting to feel fried. I have to make the checklists for my creative projects today, then get started. I’m hoping to sort of alternate the mundane with the creative to keep myself motivated longer. And not forget any of the Very Important Things because I’m too busy turning bedsheeets into ghosts. Or forget to turn the bedsheets into ghosts because I am too stressed about the V.I.T.