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Very pertinent thread for me! Haha.

I suffer from depression on top of ADD, so I can be going along pretty well, using some of KC’s ideas, taking my meds, putting in that 110% it takes to just keep my head above water, and then bam. Some small setback will trigger depression, and I will go completely into watching the entire Star Trek series on DVD syndrome (as described above) and neglecting everything else.

I don’t even realize it’s happened until my mail starts coming in red envelopes and the landlord’s hung a note on my door asking about the rent!

This time, I scheduled time in to work on chores, and had several friends that I am sending pictures of my progress to. (As suggested by a coach) For some reason, it seems to be helping.

For me, I don’t know if changing my meds would make a difference. The most important thing is catching myself when I’ve strayed from a healthy routine, and putting things right as quickly as possible.

Once I’m actually committed to getting something done, the meds help me follow through. If I’m completely apathetic, I think they just help me focus better on Star Trek episodes – Lol!