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LOL @munchkin Me too!

I also have depression and things can get out of control very quickly without me realizing it. Two years ago things had been bad for awhile I guess, I’m not really sure. But I remember Halloween day came and I hadn’t put up any decorations. I finally started carving the pumpkin late in the afternoon. Husband grabbed the decorations and put a few out, which was a clear sign something was wrong, because I never let anyone do that. I’m very particular about how it’s done.

My uncle died the next day and that was what really sent me into a tailspin. I don’t remember much after that until Christmas. I came home from work one day and Husband had left a box of decorations sitting on the couch in my spot. I shoved it off onto the floor and plunked myself down as usual. The next day he brought out another box, dropped it in my lap, scowled at me, and walked away. I sat there staring at it for a few seconds then thought “how much time is left before Christmas?” The answer was  3 days.

I called my doctor in January and started meds again. Just before my dad died. But that’s another story…

The fact that I am still pretty much in a state of chaos all the time with the depression being treated is the best indicator that I also need something for the ADD. I am trying desperately to get some kind of strategy going but it just isn’t working. I feel more disorganized than ever.