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@norrinradd – Projects?  Sounds just like me, and a lot of others here.  I’m not sure of an answer, but I have a working theory for a solution.

1. Recognize that this is a classic ADHD problem and don’t start any new projects.  Do not under any circumstances volunteer to take on anything that involves your time such as committees for church or school.  Don’t buy anything along the lines of a new hobby or “starting a collection.”  Don’t buy eight seasons of Star Trek to watch or the series of Harry Potter books.  Beginning to get the picture?  Someone on the site pointed out that having too many hobbies and “fun” projects is just stressful and defeats their purpose in the first place.

2. Make yourself a schedule of your time for things such as when you will exercise, do lawn care, work on cars, work on hobbies, deal with your ADHD created projects, etc.  Use a timer to keep on track.  (Cell phones work great.)  Having a schedule and seeing progress will give you a sense of control and hope.  Success will build on itself.

3. Learn that if you get it out, you need to put it back.  Always.  Otherwise, you waste half an hour or more looking for it the next time.  Recognize that leaving things until later is an ADHD habit that needs to be broken.  Recognize that a lot of problems and disorder can be eliminated by immediately spending only a few seconds or minutes of your time.  Learn to recognize when you are getting distracted and get yourself back on track.  If you can’t get back on track, be sure you are distracted with something on your “list” needing your attention and not the comic book collection from your college days.

4. Learn to recognize your ADHD behaviors and learn to deal with them before it gets you involved in yet another activity which will go by the wayside as soon as something else shiny comes along.

5. List out and prioritize your projects.  Some you might want to get rid of if possible others you might want to make a decision that it will be put away for next year, upon retirement, or whenever.  Having projects sitting around with no plan for the future is stressful and depressing.

6. Try to develop a schedule for completing the projects.  Give yourself plenty of time.  Break the projects into small easy to manage pieces that can be checked off your list.

7. Develop a list of things that can be done quickly in those odd times when you’re not busy.  Like hanging pictures or taking out the trash.

Know that Concerta or any other med will not make you want to draw again but it may help you work through some of the things listed above.  Also know that no matter how much you may agree with my list and how logical it seems, it also is a list of things that people with ADHD find most difficult to do.  Expect to find the list impossible.  It’s not.  You may also find that if you are able to make your way through the list, that your desire to draw may return.