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@blackdog Well thank you. I did stall on the project for a couple of weeks. I had to get it done so we could get it in and mounted on the wall because if I ever left the garage open and one of the kids decided to play on it, it could have tipped over and it would have seriously hurt them. I had some strong things motivating me. (and to show my husband). I started this project before I had started my medication. It sat in the garage for the couple of weeks that I had started my medication. Then I was able to complete it when I on the medication.

@dithl Thanks for the tip. I really hadn’t thought of using my avatar. So here it is.

I have also begun to clean my house. (and I don’t mean organize the mess and chaos-that’s another story). I mean the dirt and the grime. I moved into my house 8 years ago (a few years before I had met my husband-and no children). I had never cleaned my house ever (except vacuuming-not often, toilets-not often, the tub once and a while).

I mean I am really starting to notice just how filthy my house really is. You can barely see out the windows. The walls are unbelievable (the doors, baseboards, light switches, door handles. And the dust. no wonder I have been having sinus issues. LOL I think my kids are pretty healthy because the have built up strong immune systems from living in this bacterial cesspool. There is so much dust on the floor behind furniture. Can a blanket of dust on top of a power bar start a fire?  What I don’t understand is how I couldn’t see how bad this was. Almost like I had avoided seeing it how it really was. I think about the people that i had here over the years. I am absolutely mortified. I mean I had to use a non-scratch scouring pad on my windows yesterday. I go to clean something and I take notice of something else. It is really starting to feel great that I am chipping away at the grunge. I would have zero motivation to do this (or even notice how terrible my house had gotten) if it weren’t for the meds.