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Guys, I have a confession. As hard as I’ve been trying to not start a new project, I caved last night. I’ve really really really been wanting to redo my pantry with lazy susan turn tables in the corners. But I want to repaint it too, and in order to do that I needed to make sure the paint scheme I had envisioned for the front room was going to work with my new vision for the kitchen so of course I had to do some test patches…so now there are 8 rooms with partial paint. But I’m going to finish this one  I swear 🙂 My husband has kinda learned to roll with the painting punches. Good thing he’s colorblind.

@jojosephine Good for you on your cubby project. I did something like that for our closet so we’d have divided laundry with a place to sit down to put on shoes. Hubs was nonplussed when I started, but he sure doesn’t mind using it now that it’s finished. Well, not painted yet or anything, but it’s sturdy!

And after I get the pantry done, I’m going to construct a cabinet for my shoes that has a giant mirror on the front that opens up to reveal them.

So, ADD with some basic carpentry skills=trouble. ha ha