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First off you will hear time and time again, that medications will not cure your ADD. If you haven’t heard that before, there it is.Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that will make it all go away. However. There is a medication out there or a combination of medications that will lessen the affects.

ADD is not curable in any sense. Our brains are wired this way and we have to learn to work with that wiring.

The right medications will help you step back from the symptoms and reign them in a little so you can redirect your thoughts, your activities, or what ever. Medications don’t do this all by themselves. Councilors and coaches and support groups work as well, by giving you the tools you need to identify and redirect behaviors that negatively affect your life.

Your support system will help you pull positive traits out of the ADD condition you have and maximize them while minimizing the affect of the other traits.

It takes work. It is worth the effort. You will have to stay on top of it. That is why I look at ADD as a curse, not a blessing.

A little about me. I still have many projects that have gone unfinished. I add to them all the time. It’s OK.  Now, instead of acting on them imediatly, I write them down, draw them out and when something else captures my attention, I put it in a file folder and put the folder in a (full) cabinet. I am out a little time, a few sheets of paper, and I can always go back to the project, if I want. No fuss. No muss. Couldn’t have done that, before.

Hope that helps.