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I have 7 different rooms in my house with a partial paint job on them. Each was started as a separate project. There were 8. I finished the entire living room in one day because we had guests coming over.

I bought a desk to refinish in February. Now in October the drawers are half-painted and stacked on my kitchen table.

I have 3 tubs of fabric from failed to finish sewing projects.

My garden that I started gung-ho this spring is now overgrown and dying from lack of care during one of the best growing seasons we’ve had in years.

I have about 18 sets of pantry canister sets because at some point this summer I decided I was going to make a living reselling them on ebay.

The best I can do is really try and resist starting new projects, but they are always so much more interesting than whatever I was doing five seconds ago.

I take medication mainly for work and by the time I get home they wear off but I sure do manage to get a lot of crazy accomplished in those few hours before bedtime.