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@jojosephine: it looks great, congrats!! You even stained it too? So cool to read your before-and-after experiences, it’s easy enough to take diagnosis and meds for granted, nice to remember what a huge diff it can make.

Not a wet blanket, but a word to the wise…medication is awesome (for me anyway), but it also allows you to overwork your body without realizing it – until you crash. 🙂 It’s so hard to stop sometimes….but if I don’t consciously stop to eat/sleep/(I’m still working on exercise) properly, I wind up paying the price later. (As does everyone around me…)

And yes,this is advice @kc5jck-style. I haven’t done the greatest job of stopping these past couple of weeks. Then wonder why I feel like a robot. Capable of doing, sort of, but thinking, not so much. And getting ready in the morning is a b*@#!!

@blackdog: Naps are also awesome. The universal cure. I call it hitting the reset button.