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@dithl oh ya I totally get that. It just feels good to have the motivation to get this all done. I have an on going to do list. I am getting pretty good at prioritizing what needs to be done. Like the grimy state of my house can not be taken care of in one day. (like Rome wasn’t built in a day). I have broken it down in smaller tasks and handle one thing a day. Where as before the medication the whole task was so daunting, I just took it and “swept” the whole grungy house “under the rug”.  Now I see each small task as a victory. So it feels so good and now I am starting to see the results. I am also finding myself tidying as I go and cleaning up after myself. Before it would all pile up and that also became to daunting to face.

I do rest. I do eat (just grazing though the day on things like trail mix and staying hydrated). I have a big dinner and a couple hours have a pretty big bedtime snack. I am usually asleep by 9:30 and get up around 6am. Exercise is another story, it is so hard with the kids. The only time I can really do it is cutting into my sleep time. and I can’t sacrifice that. I try to do some active things with the kids, park far, and take the stairs as often as I can. It might be better once the kids are in full time school, but I have a couple more years for that.

There is absolutely no way I could nap during the day, now. I would want to get up and get stuff done. Before medication, I could lay in bed all day. I could watch TV all day. I have zero interest in that now. I don’t even like watching my favorite evening shows anymore. I feel like a functioning, contributing human being now. Anyways…back to my video project.