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Yes, I get excited about projects and then lose interest, but my obsessions are drawn out over a year or more. This allows me to get stuff done that later feels like a waste of time. But I was really focused.


Seriously though, sometimes what happens is that I run out of steam because I get stuck. There’s an unanswered question dogging me. I’m missing information I need. Maybe I don’t have the supplies at hand. I get interrupted and lose my train of thought. I start to doubt myself. I question whether what I’m working on is worthwhile. I get hung up on the difference between my value as a person and my ability to produce. It isn’t just a random dead stop. Usually something takes the wind out my sails.

As for being doomed to never be happy…I know the feeling.

I look at it this way. Happiness the Mood is different from Happiness as Overall Life Satisfaction. I have up days and down days. I have clear days and dark days. But in general, life is better than it used to be because I understand what I’m dealing with now, that this is the way I’m wired. I enjoy my abilities more because I stopped expecting myself to do what’s hard for me. I quit attempting the impossible and equating that with virtue. I know I’m good at making art, and I love to write. I don’t take accounting classes.