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@blackdog things are so different on medication. I understand it is not a cure and when my daily dose is wearing off at the end of the day I can see some of the symptoms coming back (like some absent minded things like “why did I come upstairs again?”.  I will always have ADD.  I still have to put to work the strategies that have always been there, but before the medication those strategies did not work.  My efforts were futile.  I used to say “today is going to be a different day”- that never turned out to be a different day.  Just another day of broken promises to myself and complete disappointment in myself (and of course the feeling of drowning in…well..my life).  Now I have such a zest for life when I wake up in the morning.  I am excited to get to the tasks I have planned for the day because they are not as daunting and the more I get stuff done, the happier I am because I always wanted to be that person that did all that stuff I am doing now.  Medication really helps me.  I cannot speak for everyone, but I am sure a lot of people feel the same way and I totally understand why so many psychologists mistake ADD in adults for depression (I have been treated for depression multiple times in my life for depression and it never worked) – because that wasn’t the issue. The lack of zest for life, the fog, no motivation, all the results of untreated ADD.

@swda You are right about happiness being defined in 2 different ways. There is a day to day happiness that can be found in your mood. For example, I am not happy when my sons draw on my floor with marker. but my overall life happiness makes it tolerable. Where as before, I did not have that because all I could think of is OMG another daunting chore to add to my unbearable list of things.  My mood definitely can change through the day or from day to day, but I do have an overall happiness for life now because I can take charge of my life.  It’s great.